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I would like to thank you for visiting our website. We are committed to the success of all our students. The first schools in Murray County began in 1801 as a Moravian Mission located in the Spring Place Community. The current county school system began in 1877 and since its inception over 140 years ago there have been many accomplishments and awards. In our continued pursuit of excellence, I am honored to work with an excellent group of teachers, administrators, and support staff here in Murray County ,which has been a constant throughout the decades. We are certainly proud of our rich history here in Murray County which includes numerous regional awards, state championships, national titles, and world championships.

I am a product of the Murray County System. I was a member of the graduating class of Murray County High School in 1981. My wife Lisa, who is now retired, taught elementary school in our system for over 30 years. Both of my children graduated from here, my daughter Sarah from Murray High, and my son Michael from North Murray. After serving our system for over 15 years in finance and facilities my background in business and accounting makes me keenly aware of the need to provide educational services which are both excellent and cost effective. We currently have a 160 extended day school calendar which is the equivalent of the standard 180-day calendar. We continue to work each day to make the citizens of our county proud of their school system.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art and provide an excellent environment for each student. We have numerous programs and opportunities for students to excel in their unique abilities from athletics and fine arts to Career and Technical Agriculture Educational programs. All these programs are enhanced by the tremendous support we receive from our community. Our business partners,  support groups, and parents work with us to help ensure that each student can have success without exception or excuses.


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