Student Services
Enrollment Center

1004 Green Road Chatsworth, GA 30705
Phone:  706-517-5699 Fax:  706-517-5678 
Hours: 7:00-4:00 Monday through Friday
FTE Coordinator:  Kellie Dover

Parents or guardians must come to the centralized Enrollment Center to enroll new students and students transferring between Murray County schools.  Students transferring within the county must withdraw from their current school before coming to the Enrollment Center.  You may fill out the Online Enrollment Forms , and Free and Reduced Meal Application Form print them, and bring them with you to the Enrollment Center. 
 Items Needed for Registration

  •     ID of parent or guardian
  •     Proof of date of birth by copy of birth certificate or other method provided in State Board Rule 160-5-1-28
  •     Certificate of Immunization (form # 3231)
  •     Eye, Ear, and Dental Certificate (form # 3300)
  •     Custody papers (if applicable)
  •     Withdrawal documentation from previous school (if applicable)
  •     Middle and high school students should provide transcripts including discipline records
  •     2 current proof of residence (copy of utility bill, copy of lease or purchase agreement or mortgage bill/coupon if physical address is listed

Required Forms

  •     Enrollment Form
  •     Emergency/Transportation Form
  •     Request for Records (if coming from another school district)
  •     Free/Reduced lunch application
  •     Occupational Survey
McKinney Vento - Homeless Support

Instructional Support Services

Jocelyn Martinez
Enrollment Specialist
Phone:  706-695-5347
Fax:  706-695-8425

Stepanie Brown
Instructional Support Services Administrative Assistant
Paula Martin Liaison
Phone: 706-695-2252


Healthy Children Learn Better!

School Nurses:

Samantha Burt
Serves: Chatsworth Elementary, Coker Elementary, Springplace Elementary,
Gladden Middle School, Murray County High School, and Pre-K

Stephanie DiDonato
Serves: Eton Elementary, Northwest Elementary, Woodlawn Elementary, Bagley Middle School, North Murray High School, and Pleasant Valley

School Social Workers

Tara Jones
Serves: Coker Elementary, Springplace Elementary, PVIS, and Murray County High School

Emily Hudson
Serves: Eton Elementary, Northwest Elementary, North Murray High School, and Bagley Middle School

Danielle Jones
Serves: Gladden Middle School, Chatsworth Elementary, Woodlawn Elementary, and Pre-K